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Trading Successfully is All About the Strategy and the Knowledge Behind It

And this course gives you all of that to the 8th degree!

Dear Seasoned Traders,

A recent audit of two large brokers revealed some very telling numbers:

  • Out of the millions of trades enacted in 2012, only 55% made any money at all.
  • 95% of individual traders lost money.
  • Combining the two stats means that the losing trades accounted for more money than the winning trades.

In other words, the average trader, and we are not talking newbies but seasoned traders – lost more on losing trades than they could make up for on winning trades.

That’s a scary fact; to be living on such a fine edge between profit and loss with the odds against you.

Ready to do something about it?

The FOREX BACHELORS course takes you to that 5% who use the power of high probability trading and STRATEGY – STRATEGY – STRATEGY! This intensive one day course in Heathrow or London is not for wimps! It is for the experienced trader who is scrambling to find the secrets of the profitable 5%.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The fundamental secrets to simple technicals most traders get wrong, use inappropriately, and how bad practices are ruining the pinpointing of entry and take profit points.
  • How to ensure that your winning trades are more profitable than your losing trades draw down. Get this right and you are almost guaranteed to preserve your account even if you have a string of losses.
  • The use of high probability trading, the strategies behind it, and how understanding these strategies will vastly improve your odds.

And with your Bachelors you’ll receive and understand how to use the most advanced indicator you’ll ever see for MetaTrader4,


You’ll get:

  • The top strategies used by professional traders – those 5% who do it right almost every trade – and the understanding behind using them!
  • Corrections almost every trader needs for pinpointing proper entry and take profit levels.
  • The how-to2 indicator, which if you haven’t seen in action, click here!
    • 8+ High Probability Indicators in One!
    • Showing you what’s happening over 8 time frames on one screen!
    • Enhanced graphics visually show you to get in or get out!
  • Why this works! How you’ll use it!
  • Plus 6 months access to Serene Education’s unparalleled chat room where traders hang out and bounce ideas and trades off one another – an enormous help for new and experienced traders alike!

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This course is so powerful it sells out quickly.

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