How to trade currency

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Forex Webinar Link

Forex Webinar Link


Serene Education Ltd teaches individuals on how to trade currency. We offer a number of forex trading courses and Forex mentoring. Our forex courses and forex seminars are tailored so that the student gets the most out of the course material. If you are interested in any of our forex courses, or when we will next hold one of our forex training courses, forex seminars please email us at for more information.

My name is Chris Blandin De Chalain, Director of Serene Education and full time currency trader.  I am here to share with you my views of the Forex market through this live video recording.  Come and watch me conduct my analysis on the 4 Major Currency Pairs using one of our forex trading strategies, FX Ultimate Strategy


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Video analysis 30th January 2014 provided by Serene Education Ltd. An in-depth look at the forex charts using the FX Ultimate Strategy


Be sure to watch my videos as part of your daily routine!


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