This risk disclosure statement is intended to present to you risks and warnings in connection with foreign exchange trading, indexes and other financial instruments .

Foreign Exchange Trade, while using investment leverages, is considered speculative trade with a high level of risk of losing the money invested, in whole or in part. Therefore, Foreign Exchange Trade is suitable for persons that are knowledgeable in this field and are familiar with the principles and terms governing this field as well as for persons that are well aware of the risks involved in this kind of trade.

Since the Foreign Exchange Trade services offered by the Company are suitable only for persons that are aware of the risks involved in such trade and the risk to lose the entire amount of securities in such trade within a short period of time, you are required to consider seriously whether such trade is suitable for you taking into account the knowledge you have, your financial needs and requirements and your personal circumstances. Among other things, you should pay attention and consider carefully the relevance of the following issues on you:

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