The major emphasis for Serene Education is to provide helpful, honest information to its students to the best of our ability.We do not get wrapped up in hype or over-exaggerations but rely on consistently providing members with useful news and facts that are helpful in allowing them to achieve their goals.

Everything that we provide to reach that end has been carefully researched, tested and proven to be effective.

We do not provide tools or suggestions regarding Forex trades, alternative investing or business opportunities without having personally used them. This means that we see a lot of things we reject, but the end result is better for our students.


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Christopher Blandin De Chalain – Director
Our students know the support they get will be top notch and practical, and the professional traders at Serene Education will always be accessible.

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Nikki Blandin De Chalain – Director
“The greatest feeling in the world is helping our students gain the success they deserve!”


Students get factual advice from people who have tried the trades, tools and strategies for investment and who can help others cut through the trash.

It is this kind of consistent knowledge brought to the table that has earned Serene Education its reputation for quality.

Initial Trading Workshops: Education with nothing held back and total transparency are the key opportunities our students enjoy in the many workshops, retreats, one on one training opportunities and webinars we host.

Professional traders provide the ever changing topics for inclusion into the learning experiences and the training is taught by those same traders. Having grounded training taught by people who use the same strategies that are passed on to everyone gives the students practical knowledge.

At the same time, because we keep our class sizes limited even in our largest events, students feel like they have the complete attention of the professionals. Some of our most popular classes and workshops remain perennial favorites because of the useful content provided:

Forex Made Ezee Online – If you are just starting in Forex or want to explore being your own part or full time trader, the Forex Made Ezee Online Home Study Program is a great place to start. Learn what moves the market, get acquainted with the basics of Forex trading and finish the program with a trading strategy you can download and implement immediately and test and backtest on your own. You’ll also get bonus learning materials and Serene Education’s Currency Correlation that will assist you in making triple the amount of profits – In the same amount of time! And we’ll show you how you can take as little as $100 and turn a 500% ROI in your first month.

Forex Masters Course – Serene Education is the only place in the world where people are invited to live with a trader in a one on one teaching experience. Students get to eat, breathe and sleep Forex trading in the home of a professional trader for two days and not only learn from an active pro in the trading world but ask questions and clarify answers at the students own pace. While this experience is designed to give the student more strategies, technical and fundamental analysis skills, with a professional trader at the students side the students skill levels will grow with leaps and bounds, along with their confidence levels.

Free Webinars and the Many Other Learning Opportunities – The two classes above are just a couple of examples of our commitment to student learning and profitable trading.

There are many other experiences the trading student can take advantage of as well, along with free webinars. From the comfort of their own home the student can get a well rounded education through our constant selection of webinars with topics like; “Technical Trading”, “Moving Your Way to Money”, “Placing the Trade” and “Putting It All Together”.

Tools of the Trade: As we strive to give the student every opportunity to achieve his or her financial goal we highly encourage the use of tools we know will work to their benefit. With the trading software and platforms we suggest, such as MetaTrader 4 software through the FXCM Broker, students can confidently move forward. They will know anything we suggest has been tried and proven to be the best of the best.

Ongoing Memberships: Serene Education’s students are some of the most loyal Forex students in the world. This is because membership in Serene Education is packed with so many useful helps.

Daily analysis of the market from a variety of strategic vantage points, video analysis of the 4 major pairs of currency, a weekly blog and an open chat room for members all provide as much support as the student can digest.

Serene Education students and traders are never left feeling like they are alone. If they have a question or wish to get another’s opinion of a possible trade set up they have the vehicle for doing so. If they are looking at a possible trade and wish to confirm their suspicions the materials supplied daily, plus the ongoing chat room, make this easy to accomplish.

Serene Education does not wish for a one day or one class relationship; we want an ongoing friendship with our students. The amount of support we give to each and every one has proven to be invaluable to their trading experiences and the main reason our students remain with us.

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