In these hard economic times we seem to be in a pattern of “hurry up and see”.  Just as things begin to look better we are hit with more bad news – more lay-offs and down-sizing, another banking crisis, fears of inflation or deflation and another week of down days in the stock market after what was hoped to be a rally. In traditional financial corners there does not seem to be a quick and easy solution.

At the same time we are people with hopes and dreams, not institutions that can live in a “hurry up and see” atmosphere. Our lives are dependent on solid financial plans with goals dependent on stability and financial growth. Our next home, preparing our children for their own independence and our retirement expectations cannot wait any longer. We can’t live on “hurry up and see”, nor, as we have learned, can we count on traditional financial institutions and means to help us make our dreams a reality. We can’t even count on the job market to allow us to breathe a sigh of relief and get back to business as usual.

That is why Financial Independence Day Event was born…to help those who want a clear financial direction going forward and who are tired of waiting to see if things will get better.

Financial Independence Day was established to give options – multiple options – to those who, like many, have come to believe in the old axiom, “If it’s going to be it’s up to me!”

Financial Independence Day gives you the understanding and tools for your future financial goals, whatever they may be, and the necessary knowledge based on the proven experience of some of the UK’s greatest “wizards” – people who have been there and done that, and now wish to share with you how they did it.

This event offered some “No brainer” investment ideas and logical investment opportunities. And there was no hard sell!!!!!!
Bill Willmott

The energy, content and genuine will to help was clear from all speakers. There is nothing to lose and soooo much to gain from attending. The only loss you will experience will be that if missed opportunity if you do not go! I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to take their financial future into their own hands. Thank you so much for your inspiration.
Miss D Tomankova (Tunbridge Wells)


To Your Successful Future,

The Organization Team for Financial Independence Day!

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