Forex Masters Trading Course

The mentorship, which you control!

FX Masters is a two-day, one-on-one mentoring program where you will be living in the home of the professional trader. It has been designed to take the bugs out of your personal trading and put you on the path to professional business development as a trader.


“No textbook, no preformatted lessons…this is all about what you want to learn and what will help you!”


What would it be like to have a professional trader sit down with you for two days of undivided attention to answer your questions?

  • To review previous trades and show you what you did right, and what went wrong?
  • To map out a personal trading strategy based on your trading profile:
    • The times and time frames you which to trade in.
    • Your personal risk and risk aversion.
    • What to do according to your profile in any market?
  • Pre-course online homework – Forex Made Ezee Online
  • Then spend the opening day going head-to-head with a professional trader to see, correct or rejoice as you compare your results with the pro?
  • Study the charts using FX Ultimate Advanced – Forex’s most sought-after trading strategy!

PLUS, Serene Educations:

  • FX Ultimate4 Strategy
  • Box Breakout Intraday Trading Strategy
  • FX Traders University Strategy
  • And Serene Educations BRAND-NEW FX Ultimate!  A revolutionary way of trading the world’s largest market without having to sit watching and waiting for the perfect entry!
  • The most sought after – The Matrix Profile.  See all pairs across eight-time frames on one screen!
  • Email alert indicator, which will send trading breakout alerts directly to your inbox!
  • Your own Money Management Indicator is applied to every chart to ensure that you never over-leverage yourself or your trading account!
  • Automated Support & Resistance levels – no confusion as to where to place them.
  • Fundamental tools and analysis used for high probability trading.
  • Hands-on, practical trading experience
  • Lifetime VIP membership

Obviously, the 48 hours you’d spend with that professional trader could be the best 48 hours of your trading career!

Are you ready to Master the FX market?

The FX Masters Course offers the degree of latitude experienced traders need to get their personal trading questions answered, and their trading consistency to higher, professional levels.

What to Expect:

Upon signing up for the FX Masters Course we’ll work out with you what it is that seems to be most troubling in your trading career, areas you have questions about or perhaps new markets and methods you want to explore.

Based on your personalised session expectations, we’ll work out a pre-course homework “assignment” so you can bring to us things like:

  • Past trade examples, how you chose the trade you took, what was your criteria for entry, take profit and risk management, and any questions you have.
  • Things you’d like to learn, such as what to do in ranging or troublesome markets when it looks like there are no trades to take, or overnight and long-range trading.
  • Any other elements you wish to explore that you think would help further your trading career…basically anything you wish!

Spend a Sunday with us going over everything you want to learn, and then the opening day of the trading week – Monday – putting it to use and getting questions answered on the spot!

This is the course for those who want to learn at the hands of the masters, master everything they question, and master the Forex market for business-level success!

Because this is one on one instruction, FX Masters has limited availability. If you can make it to Wales, we invite you to let us know as soon as possible. This course is booked months in advance, so make your arrangements now

Let us know you’re interested in using the simple form at the top right of this page, and we’ll contact you with details and possible openings!

Professional, Personalised Training, and an
All-Inclusive Stay for 2 Days and 2 Nights

Only £2999!

FX Masters…
Upon graduating, expect more!

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Please note that trading the Forex market carries risk and that you should only trade with money that you are willing to lose.

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