Forex Strategies

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own Forex crystal ball…


  • Where you could peer into the future with the confidence of a psychic fortune-teller?
  • With the strategic insights of an infallible clairvoyant?
  • Where it felt like you got your buy/sell signals from a mental telepathist with direct connections?

The Only Indicators You’ll Ever Need!
Works With MT4 Platform!

Two powerful indicators packed with visual confirmation…
Showing what’s happening over eight time frames…
Graphically illustrating the momentum behind the price action…
And the strategy to use these like a fortune-teller…
With closing candle email alerts for trading from your smart phone or tablet…
All rolled into one for one uncluttered screen!

For the new or casual Forex trader, showing you signals over 8 time frames:

  • MACD above or below the zero line
  • RSI above or below 50
  • Price above or below the 200 Daily MA
  • RMO showing the strength of momentum
  • Buy/Sell Arrows
  • Enhanced MACD graphics for better indications
  • Email Alerts

Trading simplicity at a glance!




Want to See a Demo? Watch the Video!
With so many features packed into these indicators, along with the strategies to implement them, you’ve got to see this.

Choose your Forex “crystal ball”…
make your own fortune.

For the pro trader & those wanting a full- time income from Forex, all indicators from FX4 plus:

  • ADX for strength of trends
  • LR to confirm change in price directions
  • SAR to time your exits and take profit points
  • RSQ to tell when price movement is just “noise”
  • Buy/Sell Arrows
  • Email Alerts

Powerful, High Probability
Trading Made Simple!



Please note that trading the Forex market carries risk and that you should only trade with money that you are willing to lose.

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