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Hi there,

It’s been a while since I last wrote to you.  I just don’t know where the days go.  It’s almost the end of June and mid-way through 2015!

Today I want to talk a little about interest that your money is making for you in the bank.  Now we know that the bank offers us 0.5% right?  And that is per year!  So for every £1000 you have saved in your account, you are making £5 a year from this. Hardly something to be excited about is it?

But what if you were able to manage your own money and make yourself 0.5% a month, or even 0.5% a week?  Take a look below.

Per Week Per Month Per Year
Bank: 0.5%
You: 0.5% 6%
You: 0.5% 2% average 27%

Can you see the benefits of managing your own money now?

I wanted to put this into perspective for you so at the beginning of last week, I opened up a new account and deposited £1000.  Using the Serene Education strategies, money management and my education, I traded my account. I wanted to show what you could look to achieve if you took control of your own money.

In one week of managing my own little pot, I was up 31% on that £1000 I originally invested. That means in just one week, I made the same amount of interest as the bank would have given me in 62 years!!!!

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And just to prove to you that our strategies and methods work not just only for me, this is a special shout out  to our newest member Vila Matautia, who in his first month of training and trading with us, using our strategies and following our approach, managed to rake in a whopping 962 pips and propel him onto stage two of the training in just 4 short weeks!

So, are you ready to become one of Serene Education’s newest FX Professionals?

The course is divided into different stages.  Each stage must be completed by passing tasks submitted to you in order to be moved onto the next level.  This way we are both confident that you have a solid foundation and experience in that stage.

This FX Professionals is a year-long training course that includes:

·        Forex Made Ezee Online

·        Forex Made Ezee Strategy

·        Currency Correlation Strategy

·        FX Ultimate4 Strategy

·        FX Ultimate8 Strategy

·        Live Skype Support session every 14 days for the first 3 months, followed by once monthly

to ensure you are reaching your targets

·        2 days & 2 nights Live training in the home of Nikki & Chris

·        Overnight Trading Strategy

·        Commodities Correlation Strategy

·        Trading Oil, Silver and Gold

·        Defining and Implementing a Trading Plan

·        Trade, Money & Personality Management

Each of the above is broken down into different phases.  Each phase will require a certain pass level before progressing onto the next.  This way you are certain to build a very strong foundation in Forex.

You will also have access to the Skype support group only open for traders on this program.  Current students who use this group support daily are seeing a massive improvement on thier trading results.

So what are the costs involved?

Year-long FX Professionals Price –              £4000

1st Payment and Deposit –                            £1000

10 X Monthly Instalments –                           £300 per month

Thats right, for just £76 a week you could be learning exactly how to take control of your own money and deceide on the amount of interest you think you deserve.  If you would like to see a draft of the years agenda then simply email customerservices@sereneeducation.com with a request.

To enquire, as questions or book a seat on this powerful program, email me directly to: nikki@sereneeducation.com so that we can discuss your journey in detail.

As Ben Franklin once said: “An Investment In Knowledge Always Pay the Best Interest!”

Kind regards,

Chris & Nikki Blandin De Chalain


Serene Education

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