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Top Economic indicators to drive Forex market

There are many factors which can affect Forex trading. It is critical to know and understand the various factors which cause the Forex to fluctuate from day to day. The foreign exchange market will change depending on the some economic factors that play a role in the currency movements. These are vital part of Forex […]

Forex Trading Update

Just a quick updates on my trades entered on the 11th November.  All JPY cross pairs and all moving very nicely.  Forex Trading is the only way for me!    

Serene Education Forex Trading Student’s Progress Report

We received another email from one of of year long Professionals about his Forex Trading progression over the past 3 weeks   and here is a snippet of it: Here my my progress report for the last 3 weeks: Week 1 Winning trades * USDJPY – 96 * CADJPY – 201 * AUDJPY – 45 Losing […]

Serene Education’s Forex Trading Student Gives Feedback!

Received an email from our Forex Trading students over the weekend and here is a snippet of it…….. ” Since the start of FX4 in particular and yours and Nikki’s superb mentorship I have not had one losing trade and am actually up by 892 Pips over the last 3 weeks! In addition my trade […]

170% in 10 Forex Trading days

Hi there, Yesterday we gave you proof that it was possible to make a 140% ROI in just 9 days of forex trading. So what do you think 10 days gave us? TAKE A LOOK HERE! Think of the possibilities if you dedicated the next 12 months to trading Forex, what these type of percentages […]

140% ROI in 9 Days Forex Trading!

Hi there, When we think that our interest on the money that we have in the banks makes us a measly 0.5% a YEAR, I can understand why many people look to other opportunities to make up for our poor interest rates! Individuals look to investing in property, gold, MLM schemes ect as a way […]

Where are we at with our Forex trades?

On Friday, the Forex trades that I have not closed out were still in profit and still looking good.  Usually I dont stay in trades over the weekend but with my understanding of the charts and having my FX Ultimate strategy, I was still feeling confident to make a little more. Friday afternoon ended up […]

Forex Trading: Updates from Serene Education

Morning all Forex Traders, This is just a quick update on my Forex Trades that I posted a couple of days ago.  I just wanted firstly so show you how patience plays an important role in Forex Trading and the results that can be achieved, and secondly to show that Serene Education uses and applies […]

Forex Trading Webinar – Live Analysis For The Last Time

Join the team at Serene on this FREE Forex Trading Webinar, with Chris’s LIVE Trading Analysis using Serene Education’s principles, approach and Strategy! Date: Wednesday 1st October Time: 7:30pm GMT (London Time) Register: Start Making Money Online with us…

Make Money Whilst You Sleep Trading Forex

What business in the world still makes you money whilst you out at socials or sleeping? This is why for me Trading Forex is the only way. Take a look at my trading account this morning. Trades placed yesterday have profited me £1967.35 this morning. Its now 9am and my work is done for the […]

Forex Trade on USDCAD

I am up £369.78 on my Forex Trade on the  USDCAD at the moment but it seems to have come to a stand still as it approaches the daily high at around 1.1090. A break higher of this level could see price rising to the weekly high of around 1.12345. This trade was taken using […]

Forex Trade for the AUDUSD

I am up £160.48 on my AUDUSD forex trade. Almost got stopped out a couple of hours ago when price breached the downward trendline. The candle then came back underneath the trendline and closed forming an evening star candle stick. Looking for price to break the 0.8865 level to confirm a continuation down to next […]

Forex Chart Analysis on the EURGBP

EURGBP is falling to lowest point since 2008!!! Currently sitting on its previous support at 0.7818. An intraday close lower than this could show more movement down to the major support at 0.77560 with a possible 50 – 60 pips in the trade.  Take a look at the forex chart below:

Let Us Know:

Its always great to know what level of knowledge you have in the Forex Market in order to help us determine what information to provide on our blog and facebook page.  So, in the comments box below, please let us know if you are: 1) An active trader 2) Still learning and understanding 3) Completely […]

£7094.54 in 7 Days Of Trading – See the Results!

September is well under way now and we are starting to see vast improvements in the market movement and of course, our profits from trades. In the last 7 “working” day’s, both Chris and I have managed to make a fair income, by doing very little work.  In fact, if we told you that we […]

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