US GDP this afternoon the one to watch…..

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Yesterday afternoon, the FOMC Meeting took place. All participants voted for a 50 basis point hike. Several participants commented on the challenges that monetary policy faced in restoring price stability while also maintaining strong labour market conditions.  The FED prefers to use the PCE ( personal consumption expenditures) to get a REAL gauge of where Inflation lies.

Consumer prices continued to rise rapidly. Total PCE price inflation was 6.6 per cent over the 12-month ending in March, and core PCE price inflation, which excludes changes in consumer energy prices and many consumer food prices, was 5.2 per cent over the same period. The trimmed mean measure of 12-month PCE price inflation constructed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas was 3.7 per cent in March, 2 percentage points higher than its year-earlier rate of increase. Here is a link to that written document.

Economic news for today. Well. The larger EU member states are on Bank Holiday in observance of Ascension Day.  There are a number of important US related events taking place. See the economic calendar posted below for more info. (more…)

ECB States ”Interest Rates will rise above negative by 3rd Quarter 2022”

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So as the heading stats – ECB President Lagarde stated yesterday and again this morning via Bloomberg catchup at Davos, that,” Rates are likely to be positive at the end of Q3.” They are currently at zero level. ECB is the only one left of the G7 (besides Japan, which can’t raise rates effectively) to raise their rates. Too late, some have cried. Considering that Inflation in the Euro Zone is sitting around 7.5% in April 2022. See the chart posted below for more info.


                                             EU Inflation stats




Economic calendar, Tuesday 24th May 2022



  • The Matrix below points to a number of Pairs to keep an eye on. GBPCHF, NZDCHF, AUDCHF, are some to do analysis on. There are many more that need looking into. Some are heading in the right direction..



                                                                              Screenshot of the Matrix as of 10 am, 24th May 2022



Screenshot Global Indices, 24th May 2022



                                                                                             Screenshot Commodities, 24th May 2022


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NZD Cash Rate PLUS FOMC Meetings Important Points for Week ahead

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New week, new data, new opportunities. Let us go through what are the key points for this week;



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