Best Online Trading Platform UK – £2260.05 for just 2 mins work a day!

Best Online Trading Platform UK

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The Best Online Trading Platform UK

Best Online Trading Platform in the UK – £2260.05 for just 2 mins work a day!

This is the beauty of longer term currency trading.  Although you have to have a LOT of patience, once you find the right trade that is trending, you can profit from it nicely.  And….. for just a couple minutes work A DAY!  Enough time to check your trade and move youe stop.  FX Ultimate8 has given me all the confidence that I needed to ride out this move.  Today however looks like it could be a day against the major moves and have therefore tightened my stop to a 15 min chart to look in all the profits I have made thus far.  Happy Trading!

Best Online Trading Platform UK – £2260.05 for just 2 mins work a day!

EUR – Consolidation the Flavour of the Morning – Foreign Currency Compare

Foreign Currency Compare

Looking at EURUSD on the FXUltimate8 template – Pair has been in a consolidation range for the past couple of days. The bias is still pointing higher BUT if we don’t see the current resistance high being breached soon we could see Price falling lower towards 1.3240 to start with… Once this resistance high is breached we have the Weekly fib within sight at around 1.33095 and change – So effectively we have a Major resistance above –

Foreign Currency Compare – Brokers and Platforms 

Caution is advised at this time – See chart below for more information.


EURUSD 4hr chart 11th September 2013 Foreign Currency Compare

Foreign Currency Compare

Serene Education Sell Currency UK – Still going Strong!

sell currency uk


Sell Currency in UK

Being a long term trader requires a lot of patience.  I personally am a short term trader, however, with day to day activities changing for me, I am unable to trade as agressively as before and am learning the skill of patience and longer term trading – sell UK currency.  Using Serene Educations FX Ultimate Strategy, I am finding it a lot easier to ride out the bigger moves and stay in the trades longer as it shows me market trend direction over 7 different time frames!  Its important to get the education of the currency market – take a look at what Serene Education has to offer and start looking to achieve results like this (for just a few minutes work a day)!

Learn how to buy and sell currency UK with patience!

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